Bolego has been established since 2008.  During the early years, we focus on knitted uniform sweaters for nurse and student.  We notice that the quality and styling of most uniforms are not very good because of pricing reason. 


As many medical centers have established and owners are seeking for better quality and stylish uniforms for their employees, we decided to develop our nurse collection to fulfill their needs. 


On the other hand, parents are willing to spend a little extra and get better quality sweaters for their children.  Therefore, our student collection has been developed as well. 


By 2015 October, we have started our Facebook Fans Page. 

In 2016 Spring, our first women causal knits collection has been launched.  Ladies wearing Bolego products can attend different occasions; both working and leisure. 


In order to extend our customers base, our knitted homeware and men casual knits collections have also been launched from November and December of 2016 respectively, which allow more people to enjoy our unique products and services. 


We would like to bring warm, comfortable, simple, easy and stylish living to our customers.  By purchasing from Bolego, we hope our customers can get quality products with a reasonable price, attentive service and enjoy a new era of online shopping.

Beautiful Workmanships

Originated Designs

Luxurious Qualities 

Elegant Styles

Glamorous Products 

Obsessive Chic .

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History of Milo's HK

Hong Kong Milo’s Knitwear Limited was established in 1959 by the Lin’s family and focused on producing knitted garments for US market.  As the family grows bigger, new generations join in the business.


Some members have ideas in developing business in different areas, so there was a business restructuring in 1991.  Milo’s Knitwear (Hong Kong) Limited has established since 1992 and continue with the knitwear business.

Besides the US market, Milo’s HK has also developed Europe and Asia markets as well.

We have been in the fashion business for over 60 years, and produced knitted products for hundreds of brand labels with all kinds of natural and synthetic materials in different kinds of knitting structures.


Over these few decades, our products are famous for the good qualities, beautiful workmanship and punctual shipment.

As the general business environment has changed throughout these years, we notice that besides of producing for other brand labels, we can also develop our own brand and explore new markets that we have never produced before.  We decide to start with the Hong Kong market first.  This is how we come up with Bolego.