香港 醫護制服 / 毛衣網店 Bolego Fashion HK 為你以精細的造功,配合高級的材料及時尚的設計,制作出 美麗諾羊毛 或 高級針織 材料毛衣,並為你解答 毛衣護理 的常見問題。

我們亦以多年制造 醫護制服 的經驗,為各大醫院、醫務所、美容院、中醫館等提供高品質及時尚的 醫護制服。
Bolego Fashion creates High-end Knit garments & Medical Uniform with our delicated workmanship, high-quality materials and Trendy Design. 

Frequently asked questions

Who will buy Bolego products?

Anyone who seeks for quality living, simple but elegant styles and easy care products with reasonable prices.

When did Bolego established?

We started our nurse collections with mail orders since 2008 and from 2015, we have added Facebook online shop with our casual collections as well.

Why customer purchases Bolego products?

Most customers love our qualities and styles, as our products are produce with high quality materials, styles are simple but elegant, easy care and matching wardrobes. In order to make Bolego products unique & exclusive, we only produce our products in small orders for each style.

What kinds of material do Bolego usually use for productions?

Bolego usually use nature fiber, such as pure cotton, Merino Wool,

Lambswool, Cashmere, and Angora etc. However, we do produce our products with mix qualities or synthetic quality as well.

Where does Bolego source our qualities?

Our qualities are mostly from Mainland China, but we also purchase

yarn from Italy, Taiwan and Japan etc.

What kinds of knitwear does Bolego carry?

Customer can find cardigan, pullover top, long sleeves, short sleeves,

Sleeveless pullover, skirt, dress, pants, shawl, cape, jackets, jumper, hats, scarfs and gloves, Medical Uniform from Cadigan, operation uniform, doctor uniform, Nurse uniform & etc.

Can we clean wool products with washing machine?

Normally, we do not recommend our customers to clean wool products with washing machine, especially 100% wool products, due to shrinkage problem. However, for garment produced by machine washable wool, we can clean them with washing machine.

What is the best way to dry a sweater after washing?

You may put your sweater on top of a clean towel and lay flat on

the floor or a table, then let it dry naturally. This is the best way to dry a sweater and keep their actual shapes. On the other hand, you may also get a kind of line dry net for sweater as well. Please do not hang sweaters by using hangers, especially when they are wet or heavy. This will change the shape of the sweaters.

Do most sweaters need dry clean?

It depends on the materials and knitting structure of the sweater. For

Bolego products, there will be care label and washing instruction for customers. We recommend customer should read the care instruction carefully before going through any washing process with our products. If there is any other question, customer is welcome to contact us for further enquiry.

Where can customer purchase Bolego products?

Bolego Facebook Shop – View product photos and place order by calling our Hong Kong office sales. We accept direct bank deposits.

Bolego Website (www.bolegofashion.com) - View product photos and place orders at online shop, we accept credit card payments only.