Medical Uniform Collection

The Medical Collection comes in Cotton mixed uniform, Merino Wool blend and Pure Cotton knitted cardigans .  Easy care & durable with various choices of design and color. Lots of medical organizations love our products.


Gorgeous! Stylish! Elegant! Our Medical Uniforms create unlimited possibilities. Bolego represents a mixture of various styles, with our high-quality materials.


Cotton Mixed , Merino Wool Blend ,  Pure Cotton

Our Medical Collection brings the professional, warm, caring nature out of the boring uniforms.  Easy care & durable with various choices of design and color.


Medical Uniform

Our uniform series are in Cotton blend, high quality with variety of designs & colours.  Shopping at our e-shop, you can get your favorites easily.  Many medical organizations love our products.



$200 up

Medical White Coat

High-quality cotton & polyester are made into soft, elegant, antibacterial and odor-resistant Bolego Long Sleeves White Coats. Our Coats are anti-pilling and the best protection for the healthcare workers.


$300 up

Medical Cardigan

By wearing Bolego pure cotton & merino wool mixed cardigan, it helps us to adapt to the extreme weather of Summer and Winter easier. Our collections make us feel soft, skin-friendly & itchy free.



$189 up

Bolego Fashion
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