About Bolego


About Bolego

Bolego has been established since 2008 and it is a brand owned by Milo’s Knitwear (Hong Kong) Ltd. In the early days, we mainly focused on selling knitted sweaters to nurses and students with our online shop. During 2019, our first collection of woven medical uniform has been launched. Besides that, we have also added several new styles to our knitted cardigan collection as well.

BW-428 BKWH + BN-003 WH Full Front 1 CR2_0566
BN-018 Sleeves Details Closeup 1 CR2_0299

As we notice that many professionals are seeking for high quality and functional uniforms for their work place, especially in the medical field, we decide to provide a range of comfortable, practical, fashionable, good quality, & easy care working outfit for our customers. By purchasing from Bolego, we hope customers can get quality products at reasonable price, attentive service and enjoy a new era of online shopping.



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